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Okay, the world is not really ending.  It is however exploding into stuff all around me.

Good stuff, Writing stuff, domestic stuff, kid stuff, adult stuff.  Stuff!


What is not happening is blogging stuff.  This does not mean I don’t love you.  As I have said before, you are ALL my special mushrooms.  But, uh, I might not be posting much for a couple of weeks.  Writing projects alone are eating my brain.

I have a new novel I am working on, which is demanding attention and has decamped so deeply into my head space that coming up with blog posts has been futile and frustrating.

I am out here, I am writing, I am doing the stuffs.

Hang in there and I will talk to you all soon as possible.

Nitrate saturated pork bellies,


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And other times it is the giant, floating crab. The kids love that damn plastic beast and so the words will wait until tonight. That is okay. Even writers need sunshine, sometimes. -Seamus

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Welcome to Friday. I stayed up too late working on a revision to a novelette which has kept my attention when my goal was drafting a new novel. There are good reasons for this which I will talk about later. This novelette is the second in a series of three I am working on. Incidentally,  the first was Crown of Sorrows. I got some fantastic feedback on how to go deeper emotionally and expand the story, which I am almost done with. Once I complete the series of three, I am going to consider if there’s enough material there to work the story arc into a novel.  If nothing else, I will combine all three into a novella.

I am also working on a submission for Strange Chemistry, Angry Robot’s YA imprint. I need to get off my ass and get that done. Damn it. *glares at self*

Now I am yawning, and I think a nap might be in order sometime today.

How are you doing out there?


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